Engineering + Maintenance

Safety, Security and Timely Delivery is the CADO Focus.

Ensuring the safety of an aircraft has to be CADO's number one priority, and it is.

Experienced, skilled personnel, with years of aircraft maintenance expertise, ensure that CADO aircraft deliver the promise. CADO employ both in-house and contracted services to maintain aircraft and every member of the CADO Reliance Team is employed by the company.

Engineering + Maintenance

With a combined 25 years of aircraft maintenance engineering experience, CADO's highly qualified and skilled maintenance team, keep CADO's air fleet meticulously maintained and operating at peak performance to facilitate your freight logistic needs without interruption. This allows CADO to maximise economic efficiency and optimum service.

It is important to us that you as the client always experience nothing but the smoothest of service and expedient delivery of your freight.

Maintenance bases are conveniently located in Jandakot Airport to maximise our fleets' performance.